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The following pieces are a selection of some of my some journal articles not co-authored with Evelyne Huber.  For a complete listing of my publications, see my CV.  For copies of recent work with Evelyne Huber, go to our common website.

Partisan politics, the welfare state, and three worlds of human capital formation” (with Torben Iversen). Comparative Political Studies 41 (4/5): 600-37, 2008.

“Decommodification and Activation in Social Democratic Policy:  Resolving the Paradox” (with Jingjing Huo and Moira Nelson). Journal of European Social Policy 18: 2008.

“Employment Performance in OECD Countries:  A Test of Neo-Liberal and Institutionalist Hypotheses” (with David H. Bradley). Comparative Political Studies 40 (12): 2007.

Comparing Historical  Sequences – A Powerful Tool for Causal Analysis ” (with Dietrich Rueschemeyer). Comparative Social Research 16: 55-72, 1997.